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In this section you can find the frequently asked questions about LindyPlus.
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What is LindyPlus?

The answer depends on who you are.

In general LindyPlus is the "Myspace" or "LinkedIn" for Swing Dance events, teachers & schools.

This doesn't change the fact that LindyPlus is world's most advanced dancer registration system.

You can learn more about LindyPlus here.

How Much Do I Have to Pay?

Basic accounts of LindyPlus are free for everyone. (Dancers, festivals, schools and teachers... etc)

Business accounts are designed for businesses and or people who run a swing dance business (festivals, events, dance schools and dance teachers.)

Dancers/students don't usually pay anything.

LindyPlus Pricing page contains the current prices of LindyPlus.

What are the Benefits of Event Business Membership?

When you buy Event Business Membership, you will have several benefits.

  • You will be able to take registrations to your event.
  • You will be able to use LindyPlus Business section (backend) to easily enter and edit required information.
  • You will be able to create workshops, passes, products etc. for sale.
  • You will be able to take payments for the events.
  • You will be able to use clever waiting lists to ensure workshop class balance.

As a Dancer What's My Benefit of Using LindyPlus?

As a dancer, you will able to register to swing dance events and/or workshops without filling event specific signup forms! Just few clicks is enough.

And it's super fast. :)

Bonus: LindyPlus is simple and easy to use.

What Can LindyPlus do for me (an festival organizer?)

LindyPlus ( is a platform that takes registrations. Not for swing dance events only, but also for swing dance schools/studios. The stable production version has been around for two years now. It’s a professional product.

For example: event organizers can take event registrations with it. LindyPlus has tons of clever and automated features that make the event management/administration quite easy. LindyPlus saves them tons of time. It is simple and intuitive to use. No learning curve is required.

Some of the features that organizers enjoy are: Automated emailing, automated and intelligent waiting lists, flexible and auto payment options, selling products, asking questions, discount codes, one-click registrations, basic accounting, management dashboard etc.

Most of these features are not directly seen on the website because they require a business account (paid solution). There are less used, edge-case features for different actors as well. Some of these are: swing dance competition management (e-voting & auto result calculations), artist-band-DJ booking and international private class scheduling (for teachers). Nevertheless, commonly used or not these features are all integrated to make organizers and dancers lives easier at the same time.

It’s getting more popular, especially nowadays. Until now, (as of April 2018) more than thousand dancers have registered for events using LindyPlus. More than 2000 people are using it.

FAQ Information
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  • Last Update: April 12, 2018, 1:15 p.m.

  • LindyPlus School Management System Features
        (for School Managers)
  • Preparing Event Registrations
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Add and Edit Events on LindyPlus
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Advanced Event Registration Preparation & Management
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Exporting Registrations to XLS (Excel)
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Basic Tips About LindyPlus
        (for Students)
  • Register for Events
        (for Students)
  • Prepare Event/Pass Images
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Send Emails to Event Participants
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Add Bands and Teachers to Festivals
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Understand Stripe Fees
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Claim and Edit Band (Artist) Profile Page
        (for Bands)
  • Cancel Registrations Manually
        (for School Managers)
  • Take Dancers Out of Waiting List Manually
        (for School Managers)
  • Create a Teacher Account on LindyPlus
        (for Teachers)
  • I Signed Up to LindyPlus, Does That Mean I Have a Registration
        (for Students)
  • Create School Workshops & Passes
        (for School Managers)
  • I did not receive sign up verification email
        (for Students)
  • Registering to School Workshops
        (for Students)
  • Add Teachers to School
        (for School Managers)
  • Add Helpers and Volunteers to Classes
        (for School Managers)
  • Registering As a Couple
        (for Students)
  • Allow Complimentary (Free) Registrations
        (for School Managers)
  • Locate Stripe and Paypal Keys
        (for Event Organizers)
  • Register & Pay with iDEAL
        (for Students)
  • Re-register to a pass
        (for Students)
  • View Classlist for a Workshop
        (for Teachers)

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