LindyPlus 101

How Does LindyPlus Work?

1) LindyPlus crawler bot crawls the Internet and Facebook for swing dance events and teachers.
2) Intelligent LindyPlus software identifies events related with Lindy Hop and swing.
3) The crawler automatically adds these events to LindyPlus. LindyPlus team confirms/approves them before they are published.
4) With the given event details (such as dates) LindyPlus knows where (cities, countries) an international teacher will be through out the year.
5) With approval and confirmation of teachers, LindyPlus offers private dance lesson scheduling with your favourite teachers.

We believe this is impressive but still, we don't think you should really care. Just enjoy it !!

Lindy Hop is "now" at Your Fingertips

LindyPlus covers many swing dances, lindy plus many more !! The common thing about swing dances is that when we were beginners, we thought that swing dancing has mostly been about your feet. * (*)Our dance teachers corrected us, saying it was the whole body dancing.

However, with LindyPlus, now, all the information and tools you need at your fingertips too. So our dance teachers were right.

LindyPlus will ease your life. It will make your pre-dancing experience simpler and more efficient. You can do many things once you're part of LindyPlus.
LindyPlus will "mostly" handle everything:

What's So Special?

Swing dance events, teachers and schools are special. So is LindyPlus !
LindyPlus is your very own clever search engine for swing dancing, teachers, schools, bands, djs, mcs and perhaps other things you might want to learn about.

What Else?

  • Questions? We love them! Check out our FAQ section.
  • LindyPlus is free for dancers/students.
  • LindyPlus business accounts are for events, schools, teachers and anyone who wants to advertise with us.
  • Where to Start? Good question !
    Start by checking out some of the random teachers, schools and events below.
    Tip: Refresh this page to see different people/schools/events.