Your ultimate hub for swing dance festivals, teachers, and schools!

Think of us as the "Myspace" or "LinkedIn" for swing dance enthusiasts. But wait, we're not just any ordinary website or app - we're the world's most advanced dancer registration/booking system for swing dance events or schools!

Based in London, LindyPlus is a technology company that's here to make your life as a swing dancer easier and more enjoyable. Our website and iPhone/iPad apps are packed with state-of-the-art features that take the hassle out of planning, registering/booking, and managing swing dance events. But hey, you don't need to be a tech whiz to use LindyPlus - you just keep on swingin'!

What do we offer?

Swing Dance Festivals

Easily follow and register for your favorite events with just a few clicks. Our Event Planner Tool lets you plan your entire event from A to Z, including managing your budget, confirming teachers, and organizing your staff.

Swing Dance Schools

Join your favorite school, follow their updates, register for workshops in a breeze, and track your workshop history and progress. Fill in for missing leaders or followers, making sure you never miss a beat on the dance floor!

Private Class Scheduling

Check out available private lessons, schedule classes with your favorite teachers, and pay hassle-free. Track your history, get feedback from your teachers, and enjoy round-the-clock support from LindyPlus.