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As a swing dance professional, you know that managing festivals, schools, private classes, or bookings for artists can be challenging. That's where LindyPlus Business comes in, offering you a suite of powerful tools and features designed specifically for your needs. Say goodbye to mundane and repetitive administrative tasks, and say hello to a seamless and efficient way of managing your swing dance business.

LindyPlus Business Features

Running a swing dance festival requires careful planning and organization. With LindyPlus Business for Festivals, you get a professional registration and booking system that streamlines the entire process. Create festival workshops, set up festival passes, and effortlessly manage registrations and bookings. Let our clever system handle the boring work, so you can focus on creating an unforgettable swing dance festival experience for your attendees. Plus, LindyPlus Business offers the world's most advanced dancer waiting list automation, managing waiting lists seamlessly for schools and events, ensuring a smooth and organized registration process.

Managing a swing dance school has never been easier with LindyPlus Business for Schools. Our custom-tailored system is designed to meet the unique needs of swing dance schools. Create school workshops, set up school passes, and efficiently handle registrations and bookings. Simplify your school's administrative tasks and provide a smooth and seamless experience for your students with LindyPlus Business for Schools. Plus, our advanced dancer waiting list automation feature ensures that your school's waiting list management is taken care of effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

If you offer private classes as a swing dance teacher, LindyPlus Business for Teachers is the perfect solution for you. Enable private classes with ease and securely accept online payments through our platform. Say goodbye to manual scheduling and payment tracking, and let LindyPlus Business for Teachers handle the booking process for your private classes, making your life as a swing dance teacher more convenient and efficient. With our advanced dancer waiting list automation feature, you can ensure a hassle-free booking experience for your students.

As a swing dance artist, whether you're a band or a DJ, getting booked easily and professionally is essential. With LindyPlus Business for Artists, you can enable bookings and securely accept online payments. Showcase your talents, connect with festival organizers and event planners, and streamline your booking process with LindyPlus Business for Artists. It will help you secure more gigs and opportunities.

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Join LindyPlus Business today and unlock a world of efficient and professional tools to help you manage your swing dance business like never before. With our easy-to-use platform, dedicated support team, tailored features for festivals, schools, teachers, and artists, as well as the world's most advanced dancer waiting list automation, LindyPlus Business is your ultimate solution for success in the swing dance world. Sign up now and elevate your swing dance business to new heights!

Business account types and prices
Product Price Coverage Buy/Plan
Business for Festivals £300 Year Buy
Business for Schools £400 Year Buy
Business for Teachers £150 Year Buy
Business for Artists £150 Year Buy
Professional for Festivals £700 Year Buy
Professional for Schools £900 Year Buy
White label for Festivals Get in touch Variable
White label for Schools Get in touch Variable

Basic account types and prices
Product Price Coverage Buy/Plan
Basic Dancer account £0 Forever Buy
Basic Festival account £0 Forever Buy
Basic School account £0 Forever Buy
Basic Teacher account £0 Forever Buy
Basic Artist account £0 Forever Buy

Additional fees
Product Price Coverage Plan
Business Booking/Registration (Under £20) £2 Dancer/Workshop (Pay As You Go)
Business Booking/Registration (Over £20) £3 Dancer/Workshop (Pay As You Go)
Business Artist Booking £15 Artist/Gig (Pay As You Go)
For discounted registration packages, get in touch and talk to us.
Business accounts are available for:

  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Teachers
  • DJs
  • Bands
  • MCs
  • Photographers
  • Advertisers
  • Basic accounts are all free and available for:

  • Dancers/Students
  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Teachers
  • DJs
  • Bands
  • MCs
  • Photographers

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