Swing Scene City Guides

Your ultimate guide to the swing scene around the world.
Swing events/festivals, swing dance teachers/schools, swing bands/DJs

City Country Swinging
Buenos Aires Argentina 2 Teachers
Melbourne Australia 1 Teacher
Perth Australia 1 Teacher
Vienna Austria 1 Teacher
Gent Belgium 3 Teachers
Toronto Canada 2 Teachers
Montréal Canada 1 Teacher
Brno Czech Republic 1 Teacher
Prague Czech Republic
Copenhagen Denmark 2 Teachers
Helsinki Finland 1 Teacher
Toulouse France
Paris France 6 Teachers
Montpellier France 7 Teachers
Grenoble France 1 Teacher
Munich Germany 3 Teachers
Hamburg Germany 1 Teacher
Berlin Germany 2 Teachers
Stuttgart Germany
Heidelberg Germany 2 Teachers
Sankt Wendel Germany 1 Teacher
Augsburg Germany
Athens Greece 1 Teacher
Budapest Hungary 4 Teachers
Dublin Ireland 8 Teachers
Cork Ireland 1 Teacher
Tel Aviv Israel 1 Teacher
Como Italy 1 Teacher
Genoa Italy 3 Teachers
Milano Italy 1 Teacher
Vilnius Lithuania 8 Teachers
Luxembourg Luxembourg 1 Teacher
Mexico City Mexico 4 Teachers
Rotterdam Netherlands 23 Teachers
Oslo Norway 2 Teachers
Online Online 3 Teachers
Warsaw Poland 3 Teachers
Kraków Poland 1 Teacher
Lisbon Portugal 2 Teachers
Moscow Russia 2 Teachers
Ljubljana Slovenia 2 Teachers
Seoul South Korea 6 Teachers
Barcelona Spain 11 Teachers
Madrid Spain 4 Teachers
Girona Spain
Valencia Spain 2 Teachers
Uppsala Sweden 1 Teacher
Karlskrona Sweden 1 Teacher
Stockholm Sweden 27 Teachers
Genève Switzerland 1 Teacher
Zürich Switzerland 1 Teacher
Istanbul Turkey 9 Teachers
Izmir Turkey 2 Teachers
Kiev Ukraine 2 Teachers
Odessa Ukraine 1 Teacher
London United Kingdom 20 Teachers
Berkeley United States 1 Teacher
Seattle United States 2 Teachers
Knoxville United States 1 Teacher
New York City United States 8 Teachers
Atlanta United States 1 Teacher
San Diego United States 2 Teachers
Denver United States 1 Teacher
Los Angeles United States 8 Teachers
Boston United States 3 Teachers
New Orleans United States 3 Teachers
Oklahoma City United States 1 Teacher
Brooklyn United States 1 Teacher
Minneapolis United States 2 Teachers
St. Louis United States 2 Teachers
San Francisco United States 4 Teachers
Baltimore United States 2 Teachers
Austin United States 1 Teacher
Santa Barbara United States 2 Teachers

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