Herräng Dance Camp

July 1, 2017 - Aug. 5, 2017

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This year's Herräng Dance Camp will take place between July 1, 2017 - Aug. 5, 2017 in Herräng, Sweden.

Open around the clock for five consequtive weeks, passing on the past to the present and the present to the future. All faces, all ages, all levels, all backgrounds and all retrospective. From the southern creole ragtime Cake Walk to the transatlantic twist. And from that uptown low down Harlem beat to the contemporary world wide rave: Lindbergh's Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Slow Drag, Solo Jazz and Tap. All that old school syncopated rhythm and all that irresistable swing.

In the parties, you will be able to dance to Stockholm Swing All Stars and many more amazing musicians and DJs.

Herräng Dance Camp is organized by Herräng Dance Camp AB.

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Festival Name Herräng Dance Camp
Current Edition 2017
City Herräng / Sweden
Dates July 1, 2017 - Aug. 5, 2017
Event Type Dance Camp
Registration Status Closed
Event Website HDC's Website
Facebook Event
Organized By Herräng Dance Camp AB
Source of Information Event Owner
Last Update June 5, 2019
Ownership Status Event Claimed & Verified
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Down below you can find the teachers of Herräng Dance Camp.

Teacher From Will Teach Teacher Profile
Alba Mengual Madrid Ask Alba for a Private
Alice Mei Montpellier Ask Alice for a Private
Asa Heedman Stockholm Ask Asa for a Private
Bobby White Brooklyn Ask Bobby for a Private
Chester Whitmore New York City Solo Jazz Ask Chester for a Private
Daniel Heedman Stockholm Lindy Hop Ask Daniel for a Private
Felipe Braga Ribeirão Preto Ask Felipe for a Private
Felix Berghall Stockholm Ask Felix for a Private
Fredrik Dahlberg Stockholm Ask Fredrik for a Private
Frida Segerdahl Stockholm Ask Frida for a Private
Gaston Fernandez Madrid Ask Gaston for a Private
Gustav Jakobsson Stockholm Ask Gustav for a Private
Hasse Mattsson Stockholm Ask Hasse for a Private
Henric Stillman Stockholm Ask Henric for a Private
HyunJung Choi Seoul Ask HyunJung for a Private
Isabella Gregorio Como Ask Isabella for a Private
Jenny Thomas London Ask Jenny for a Private
Jeremy Otth Los Angeles Ask Jeremy for a Private
Jessica Yoon Seoul Ask Jessica for a Private
Joanna Stillman Stockholm Ask Joanna for a Private
Josette Wiggan Los Angeles Ask Josette for a Private
Kate Hedin Atlanta Ask Kate for a Private
Laia Puig Barcelona Ask Laia for a Private
Lennart Westerlund Stockholm Ask Lennart for a Private
Marcus Koch Munich Ask Marcus for a Private
Marie Nahnfeldt Mattsson Stockholm Ask Marie for a Private
Mattias Lundmark Stockholm Ask Mattias for a Private
Mikaela Hellsten Stockholm Ask Mikaela for a Private
Mimmi Gunnarsson Stockholm Ask Mimmi for a Private
Moe Sakan Osaka Ask Moe for a Private
Nalla Kim Seoul Ask Nalla for a Private
Naomi Uyama Minneapolis Ask Naomi for a Private
Nathan Bugh Houston Ask Nathan for a Private
Nick Williams Santa Bárbara (CO) Ask Nick for a Private
Nicolas Deniau Paris Ask Nicolas for a Private
Pamela Gaizutyte Vilnius Ask Pamela for a Private
Pontus Persson Stockholm Ask Pontus for a Private
Ramona Staffeld New York City Ask Ramona for a Private
Rikard Ekstrand Stockholm Ask Rikard for a Private
Sarah Breck Los Angeles Ask Sarah for a Private
Sharon Davis Sydney Ask Sharon for a Private
Skye Humphries New York City Ask Skye for a Private
Soochan Lee Seoul Ask Soochan for a Private
Sylvia Sykes Santa Bárbara (CO) Ask Sylvia for a Private
Vincenzo Fesi Milano Ask Vincenzo for a Private

Workshop Types and Level information is not available for Herräng Dance Camp (yet).

Down below you can find the DJs of Herräng Dance Camp.

DJ City Country Profile
Helena Martins São Paulo Brazil Profile
Meghan Gilmore N/A N/A Profile
Dj Miro Sofia Bulgaria Profile
DJ Flow Paris France Profile

Down below you can find the bands of Herräng Dance Camp.

Band Name City Country Profile
Stockholm Swing All Stars Stockholm Sweden Profile

Down below you can find the MCs of Herräng Dance Camp.

MC Name City Country Profile
Jon Tigert Baltimore United States Profile

Down below you can find the Special Guests of Herräng Dance Camp.

Special Guest City Country Profile
None Chicago United States Profile
Barbara Billup New York City United States Profile
Sugar Sullivan New York City United States Profile
4.93 out of 5
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Public Reviews
by Çağıl
from London, United Kingdom

Highly Recommend
for Everyone
Best Dance Camp
Posted Dec. 20, 2016

I loveee HDC. I am happy to learn about it in my first year of dancing. Recommend every swing dancer to visit the camp as soon as they start dancing.

  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
by Ahter
from London, United Kingdom

Highly Recommend
for Everyone
Wow, The Best Camp On Earth
Posted July 15, 2017

I love it.. No explanation needed.

  • 4.7
  • 5.0
  • 4.7
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
  • 4.5
  • 5.0

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I love it.. No explanation needed.
by Ahter from United Kingdom

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