Dr. A
London / United Kingdom
Swing DJ
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  • Dr. A is a swing DJ from London.

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Dr. A is an international swing DJ. He particularly enjoys DJing for Lindy Hoppers and other swing dancers. Dr. A has his unique sound. In his sets he likes to play authentic sounding, high energy, hot swing jazz. In his music choice you can hear sounds of big bands, fast swinging blues with warm intimate melodies and flavours of New Orleans jazz. His inspiring selection of tunes will surely push the limits of your musicality.

Upcoming Gigs
Past Gigs
The Demo Ball
City: London
Dec. 26, 2019
Crossover Istanbul 2019
City: Istanbul
May 3, 2019
Lindy Ninja Istanbul
City: Istanbul
Dec. 17, 2017
Swing Demo
City: New York City
Dec. 12, 2012
Swing Video Demo
City: London
March 17, 2012

Lindy Hoppers Açılış Partisi

City: Istanbul
Date: Oct. 8, 2017
Party Details

Weekend With Todd Yannacone Party

City: Istanbul
Date: Feb. 3, 2017
Party Details
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