Teacher(s) in Dresden, Germany

Between January 20th and February 19th 1 , the following teachers will 2 be present in Dresden.

Teacher(s) That "May" Offer Privates in Dresden, Germany Follow Ver. Av. 3
Albert Ferran (for Balboa Dayz) Follow
Andreas Olsson (for Balboa Dayz) Follow
Moe Sakan (for Balboa Dayz) Follow
Olga Marina (for Balboa Dayz) Follow

This list is automatically updated as teachers travel around the world.(Based on dance events they attend and their preferances)

1 Please note, this list does NOT include teacher(s) for the future dates.

2 Please note that if the teacher is not claimed nor verified, there's a possbility that the teacher may not be present in this city.

3 Ver: Claimed & Verified Teacher, Av: Available for Private Classes.

If you can't find your favourite teachers either check back later or see where they will be from their teacher page.

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